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Aquaculture Equipment

Since Coral Reefs Trading Est. fully dedicates its service primarily focusing on the needs of Aquaculture & Live stock rearing farmers including the equipments to carry out the business effectively. It gives us pleasure to inform you that we have the right of distribution for one of the best Shrimp processing plant in the world named as Cabinplant-Denmark.
Besides this we also supply various kinds of equipments including Automatic Feeders, Fish Graders, Paddle Wheel Aerators, Blowers, Air Compressors, Aquaculture Pumps, Aquaculture Harvester, Bio/Mechanical Filters, Hatching Jar, Heaters, Nets & Cages, Bioscanner, Biomass Counter, Pond liners, Fiberglass Fish Tanks, Air Stones, Aquaculture Operational Boats, High Pressure Pond Cleaner, Aquaculture & Laboratory Clothing.
Our high quality laboratory equipments such as Dissolved Oxygen Meter, pH-meter, Salinity meter & Water Analysis kits would ensure the precise determination of water quality of aquaculture system.

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